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The Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite provides medical responders with the tools to prepare for, manage, and respond to all types of situations. From mass casualty events to venue and event specific management, Rhodium increases your team’s ability to respond efficiently and effectively.

Challenge Rhodium Solution
Improve situational awareness during mass casualty incidents Rhodium provides an effective way to manage emergency medical personnel and resources. Utilize and share map data to identify triage and staging areas and gain increased situational awareness of where supplies and resources need to be allocated. Rhodium can also be used to design or tie into patient tracking systems.
Monitor all aspects of an event or response from the field. From extensive pre-plan features, to tracking resources deployed throughout a venue, such as bike teams, medical tents, and other assets, Rhodium offers a total solution for medical response. Check in on crew locations, and stay up to date on supply needs and service loads from a smartphone or tablet.
Utilizing industry leading systems, even as a special event medical company Rhodium’s scalability makes it an ideal solution for all types of medical response users. The cloud-based software also ensures a company does not need to make significant investments in acquisition or maintenance.

That’s just the beginning. Schedule a demo to learn all the ways Rhodium can help you.

“Central EMS has deployed Rhodium at every Razorback home game this season. We are still learning all of the features that are available through Rhodium and continue to find additional ways the program can help Central EMS function more efficiently at these mass-gathering events. Currently, Central EMS uses Rhodium to prepare and publish an IAP for every event. We also use Rhodium to assist in tracking units’ tasks throughout the event. The log that is provided through Rhodium allows for immediate evaluation of the event and assists in identifying needs for future events.”

Battalion Chief Joshua Kuykendall

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