Our Story: For Responders, From Responders


Incident Response Technologies (IRT) formed in 2005 with the vision of providing public safety organizations with intuitive, cloud-based solutions to assist with incident response. Founded and staffed by incident response professionals with dozens of years of front line experience, IRT developed its flagship product, the Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite. This solution is now deployed by hundreds of public safety organizations including police, fire, EMS, emergency management, and campus security.


We strive to increase the safety of all people by providing responders with innovative, intuitive, and reliable technology. These things we do, That Others May Live.


Lead the Way: "The way it's always been done" isn't good enough

Quality over Quantity: We can do anything, but not everything

Do the Right Thing: Which isn't always the EASY thing

Think Ahead: The future evolves from the present

Be Accurate: Measure twice, cut once

Build Lasting Relationships: Support customers and coworkers at all times, without fail

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