Aviation Authorities

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Aviation authorities manage the air, but the addition of the Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite provides improved management and tracking on the ground. The software’s applications in both daily and major incident management, and robust pre-planning features have quickly made Rhodium an essential tool for aviation authority customers.

Challenge Rhodium Solution
Pre-planning for airport property Detailed pre-plans can be created and saved into Rhodium for buildings, storage facilities, and aircraft types ensuring information is ready in the event of an incident.
Managing and tracking of key resources Day-to-day tracking of incidents and resource status information. Rhodium can also be used for tracking the progress of maintenance operations and other administrative items.
Coordination with responding agencies during major incidents Instantly share command boards, maps, and pre-plans with responding agencies. Rhodium provides you with a cloud-based solution to keep all responders aware of updates. Whether in the command area or actively responding in the field, everyone remains on the same page.

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"Being able to share information across a broad spectrum, such as back to the airport Emergency Operations Center, Joint information Center and directly to Executive Staff anywhere there is internet availability, is a valuable tool for managing the incident while simultaneously maintaining operations at Orlando International Airport. The training and support from Rhodium staff has been phenomenal. Most notably, the staff has reached out when incidents have occurred in other parts of the country to ensure Orlando International Airport was monitoring social media information being shared by our passengers. This allowed us to get in front of any developing concerns and provide a proactive approach to customer service. There are many systems on the market to choose from and we are pleased with our choice of the Rhodium product.”

Fire Chief Duane Kann, Orlando International Airport

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