Consulting Services

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Get a real world introduction to Rhodium during your next special event, or leverage the expertise of Incident Response Technologies to identify cost-effective technologies that can propel your organization into the future.

Event Planning

Bring in the experts from Incident Response Technologies to assist with planning and management of your next special event. Services can include basic consultation up to and including onsite management support during the event.

I don't have Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite

No problem. A Rhodium account can be made available for your event. Our team will work closely with your staff to complete your data importing and event pre-planning. During your event, a team of trained Rhodium experts will be onsite to manage the system. Your team can utilize Rhodium's robust capabilities worry-free, and provide you with a firsthand look at the system in action.

I already have Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite

Our expert team of consultants will assist you in planning your event utilizing your existing account. One of our ICS experts will work alongside your planning staff to ensure your Incident Action Plan is complete and thorough.

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