Emergency Operation Centers/IMTs

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The Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite offers an extremely robust and versatile solution to EOC and IMT groups. Rhodium can be scaled to assist with isolated incident management up to major incidents such as natural disasters. With no special equipment required, Rhodium can be deployed at EOCs and mobile command posts in the field, allowing for seamless communication and management.

Challenge Rhodium Solution
Effective remote management of incident response Cloud-based means collaborative. Rhodium’s digital command board and suite of tools can be accessed by incident managers in the field, as well as EOC and IMT groups working remotely. Easily share and distribute mapping, resource assignment, weather and other critical data to incident staff.
Acquiring important data from the field Rhodium allows field users to quickly share critical data with the EOC, including images, videos, map points, and more
Provide information and communications to the public in a timely fashion Built-in access to social media allows incident managers to quickly distribute updates and information without having to leave the software.

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“I have had the opportunity to utilize a variety of tools in the management of countless incidents; everything from simple hazardous materials releases to Type I wildfires and national disasters. The Rhodium Incident Management Suite is the single best tool that I have yet to use.”

Jim Babylon, Plans Section Chief, Lead ICS Instructor

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