Law Enforcement

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SWAT teams and law enforcement agencies have field tested the Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite and the feedback is consistent: Rhodium is a vital tool for tactical teams, daily call response, and special event planning and management.

Challenge Rhodium Solution
Integrate pre-plan data into useful on-site tactical awareness Rhodium provides field access to blueprints, suspect data, and critical situational information such as weather, messaging, and task assignments.
Multi-scene information sharing and coordination Cloud-based technology means near real-time coordination of information between responders on-scene and remotely. Team positions and status can be coordinated, managed, and communicated.
Special event planning and reporting Create reusable ICS forms and Incident Action Plans for buildings or commonly used event areas. Access stored data to auto-fill forms, and access plans from PCs, laptops, or mobile devices.

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“Rhodium has allowed us to manage events with only a fraction of the people we normally use without missing a beat. We didn’t require much training upfront. Rhodium is rather self explanatory. The product is excellent and the Rhodium team is always looking for feedback and suggestions on how to make their product better. We looked at several options but no one came close to what Rhodium was offering.”

Detective Fred Garcia, Plano Police Department

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