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Whether it’s a multi-agency response to a large incident, or daily utilization in a municipal or county setting, the Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite is built for collaboration. IRT has existing partnerships with industry leading vendors, allowing Rhodium to be effectively integrated into CAD, RMS and Common Operating Picture systems.

Challenge Rhodium Solutions
Information sharing between responding agencies during large incident response
Electronically publish and distribute IAPs. Track crew positions and create map layers that can be accessed by multiple agencies, and monitor communications through social media within Rhodium.
Connectivity between municipal, county, and regional agencies
IRT is strategically partnered with leading CAD and RMS system providers allowing for seamless integration of Rhodium into new and existing systems and command structures.
On-the-fly utilization of new, or different management tools by other agencies during active response
The highly intuitive design and functionality of Rhodium allows for users to learn specific system tools in less than 15 minutes. Rhodium’s command board can also be easily shared, making response both efficient and collaborative.

That’s just the beginning. Schedule a demo to learn all the ways Rhodium can help you.

“Getting accurate maps, staging crews as they arrive, and sharing all that information with multiple agencies are some of the main challenges of large-scale disaster response. Rhodium allowed us to do all of that nearly effortlessly.”

Chief Rodney Smith, Johnson County Emergency Services District

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