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IRT Announces Partnership with Intrepid Networks

DENVER, CO – Incident Response Technologies, Inc. (IRT), a Denver-based company, is proud to announce a partnership with Intrepid Networks LLC, a leading provider of tactical mobile applications for Public Safety agencies. Intrepid's STING® Tactical Suite provides an easy-to-use interface for boots-on-the-ground responders to quickly record and share tactical information.

An interface between the STING® Tactical Suite and Rhodium Incident Management Suite will allow incident command staff to meld tactical information from field units, including GPS tracking data and images taken from mobile devices, with the strategic capabilities of Rhodium including detailed map layering, pre-plan access, and ICS form management. With the combined solution, an entire operation can be planned, managed and reported within the same platform, providing unprecedented situational awareness for Public Safety agencies.

Intrepid's STING® Tactical Suite is a mobile and cloud solution utilized by several Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies for tactical situational awareness. STING® has also served in several large Public events for Emergency Management operations including the United States Marine Corps Marathon, the National Ironman triathlon and the Houston St. Patrick's Day Parade. STING® provides significant operational benefits to end users including reduced radio traffic, instantaneous sharing of critical information, improved coordination of First Responders in either non-visual or large geographic operations and reduced stress in the Command Post.

IRT's Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite, a cloud-based incident management tool, is utilized by public safety, education, aviation, and industrial clients in over 30 U.S. States and three countries. Rhodium's incident management capabilities allow incident commanders to quickly review pre-plan data, view current situation status, and document actions from a user-friendly touch screen focused interface. Rhodium allows field commanders in a variety of emergency situations, whether fire, police, EMS or emergency management, to immediately and accurately order, track and assign resources, whether that involves personnel, vehicles, equipment or service providers. It's an easy-to-manage and topical solution to dealing with intensive situations with intelligence and firm control.

Britt Kane, CEO of Intrepid Networks states “Rhodium is absolutely the best incident planning, management and ICS reporting tool that we have observed within the user community. Therefore partnering with IRT enables both companies to now provide a complete end to end incident management solution for everyone's needs. We are excited to be able to deliver the benefits that both leading edge solutions, integrated as one platform, can provide to the entire Public Safety Community."

“We could not be more excited about working with the STING® Tactical Suite," said Jarret Winkelman, President of IRT. “STING will allow Rhodium users to see a new level of detail on their command board, including GPS tracking of personnel and instant sharing of photos from the field. This partnership brings together two best of breed solutions to provide a truly turn key incident management and tactical solution for end users, without compromising the quality of either capability."

About Incident Response Technologies

Incident Response Technologies, Inc., has been providing cloud-based solutions for public safety organizations since 2005. IRT's flagship product, the Rhodium Incident Management Suite, is currently in use throughout the United States and Canada by Police, Fire, EMS, Emergency Management, Campus Security, and other organizations. For more information on the Rhodium Incident Management Suite, visit IRT's website at or call (866) 260-7333.

About Intrepid Networks

Intrepid Networks LLC is a provider of mission critical mobile software solutions designed specifically to provide real time Situational Awareness for the tactical and intelligence community. Our solutions provide several operational benefits to users to collectively improve officer safety, reduce liability risk and increase operational efficiency. STING®, our core product line, currently serves several Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies in the United States and has received NTOA Member Tested and Recommended status. For more information, visit Intrepid's website at or call (407) 205-2721.

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