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Rhodium Incident Management Utilized in Response to Hurricane Matthew

Incident Response Technologies, Inc. (IRT), a Denver-based company, announced today that their Rhodium™ Incident Management software was widely utilized in Florida and South Carolina in response to Hurricane Matthew. A number of agencies in Florida and South Carolina deployed Rhodium during their preparation and response to the hurricane. Some agencies that deployed Rhodium during the storm include the Orlando International Airport, South Carolina Highway Patrol, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, and the Charleston Police Department.

IRT’s Rhodium Incident Management Suite, a cloud-based incident management tool, is utilized by public safety, education, aviation, and industrial clients in over 30 U.S. States and multiple countries. Rhodium’s incident management capabilities allow incident commanders to quickly review pre-plan data, view current situation status, and document actions from a user-friendly touch screen focused interface.

Hurricane Matthew made landfall near Charleston, SC, causing significant inland flooding. Jessica Sanford with the Charleston Police Department stated that with Rhodium they “had more documentation than we ever had in the past, and this was one of our largest historic events.” The impact of the storm required the Charleston Police Department to expand the use of Rhodium to users that had not been previously trained on the system. “All we had to do was sit someone down and give them a basic instruction to do ‘this, this and this’ and they could do it. I had 11 different people on a shift an all of them were in the system and could easily use it,” said Sanford.

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Incident Response Technologies, Inc., has been providing cloud-based solutions for public safety organizations since 2005. IRT's flagship product, the Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite, is currently used by hundreds of organizations in more than 30 states and multiple countries to support Police, Fire, EMS, Emergency Management, Campus Security, and others.

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