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Customer Spotlight: City of Santa Fe

The Santa Fe Police Department is comprised of 177 sworn personnel. The department serves a community of approximately 85,000 residents. Founded in 1610, Santa Fe is the State Capitol of New Mexico and the oldest state capitol in the United States. There are several State and Federal Government Organizations that operate in the city and dignitaries and government leaders often visit Santa Fe to conduct business or for leisure.

A major contributor to the local economy is tourism. Many events take place in the historic downtown area, including the annual Fiestas de Santa Fe which is attended by visitors and local residents. Santa Fe is also host to many art markets such as Spanish Market, Indian Market and the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.

How is Rhodium used?

The Rhodium Incident Management Software is primarily utilized by the Special Operations Group, which is comprised of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team, Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team, Crisis Negotiations Team and Honor Guard. The software is used for pre-planning critical incidents and for special assignments such a dignitary protection operations and planned protests.

The Support Operations Division, which includes the Traffic/Motor Unit and Bike Patrol Unit, also utilize the software for Special Events such as parades, concerts and large gatherings.

Supervisors assigned to the Patrol Division are trained to utilize Rhodium for critical incident management.

The Santa Fe Emergency Management Director is trained on the software and is able to monitor and assist with critical incidents by identifying and allocating resources.

The software is utilized in an effort to manage resources in an effective manner, provide a clear operating picture for commanders and to document incidents while they are being resolved. It is a portable resource that takes the place of a dry erase board, paper maps and legal pad to manage resources.

What is your Favorite Feature?

  1. Ability to load floor plans, contacts and protocols for schools, commercial buildings and event locations on pre-plans.
  2. To have a common operating picture for all commanders with access to the software.
  3. Built in social media and weather monitoring ability.
  4. At the conclusion of the incident, ICS Forms are filled out through the Rhodium software.
  5. Portability with access available from a computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone.

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