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Rhodium Incident Management to Interface with StreetWise CADLink

Incident Response Technologies, a Denver-based company specializing in developing web-based solutions for public safety responders, is excited to announce a partnership with Hangar 14 Solutions. Hangar 14 produces the StreetWise CADLink mobile application for tablets and smartphones.

Hangar 14 will develop an interface to IRT’s Rhodium Incident Management Suite, allowing responder locations and other details from StreetWise-enabled mobile devices to stream into Rhodium’s robust command and control platform.

“StreetWise’s focus on incident notification, routing, and asset tracking maps perfectly into our goal to make Rhodium a central hub for public safety data. As incidents scale, data from the StreetWise application will become essential to incident command staff, and this interface will make that data available to them directly on their command screen.”

“Being able to transition incident command from the first-arriving company officer’s device all the way up to a major, large-scale incident management team in a smooth and seamless manner will soon be a reality,” said Phil Kouwe, President/CEO of Hangar 14 Solutions. “The relationship between StreetWise and Rhodium products will make it possible to bring together the initial functions of the first responding unit and the operations of a full incident management system.”

About Incident Response Technologies

Incident Response Technologies, Inc., has been providing cloud-based solutions for public safety organizations since 2005. IRT's flagship product, the Rhodium Incident Management Suite, is currently in use throughout the United States and Canada by Police, Fire, EMS, Emergency Management, Campus Security, and other organizations. For more information on the Rhodium Incident Management Suite, call (866) 260-7333 or visit IRT's website at

About Hangar 14 Solutions

Hangar 14 Solutions is public safety information services company, developing software applications for public safety that focus on the tablet computer hardware platform. Its flagship product, StreetWise CADlink, significantly enhances situational awareness, resource coordination, pre-incident planning and the creation of an instant common operating picture for all responding units. For more information on the StreetWise suite of products, visit Hangar 14’s website at or call (800) 718-8027.

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