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RhodiumSE Delivers for Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

The capabilities of RhodiumSE – a special event incident management tool – were integral in planning and coordinating incident response during the 2018 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Rhodium’s powerful enhanced ICS features allowed for expedited planning leading up to the event and provided public safety entities with improved situational awareness during the event which brought more than 75,000 people into the event area.

The Oklahoma City Office of Emergency Management utilized RhodiumSE’s enhanced ICS forms to build, review, and approve an incident action plan in significantly less time than in previous years. The tool allows for information to be automatically transferred from form to form, which both expedites the time it takes to complete forms and ensures accuracy. Managers were also able to integrate the event’s overall communications plan into RhodiumSE and assign specific portions of the plan to corresponding forms.

During the event, managers used RhodiumSE’s map-based display to track incidents throughout an event area that included multiple race routes moving through multiple jurisdictions. This quickly began to produce a visual, real-time incident heat map and provided managers the ability to marshal resources to areas where they were needed.

“Rhodium has improved our ability to maintain situational awareness,” said Franklin Barnes, Emergency Manager with the Oklahoma City Office of Emergency Management. The insights gained from use of RhodiumSE during the event will be applied to personnel and resource plans in the future.

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