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Federal Government Urges Public Safety Agencies to Abandon Technology

Washington D.C. - On Monday, the federal government issued a recommendation to local and state public safety agencies urging them to abandon their technology solutions in favor of pen and paper. The notice, which itself was hand written and mailed to agencies nationwide, details a long list of risks associated with deploying technology solutions. This practice has been gaining popularity with public safety agencies in the past several years.

“As the trend toward technology increased, we had to sit down and ask ourselves the hard questions,” said Les Nessman, Director of the Public Safety Oversight Committee. “Are agencies becoming too prepared? Are agencies becoming too organized? Are agencies becoming too efficient? These are the questions that keep us up at night.”

While the new recommendation is optional, it is strongly encouraged, and the Committee recommends making these changes as soon after April 1, 2019, as possible. Agencies that wish to ignore the Committee’s recommendation can visit to find best of breed incident command and control technology.

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