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Boston, MA – The Massachusetts State Police deployed a new technology to support the planning and management of security response for the Boston Marathon. The Rhodium Incident Management platform is currently utilized by hundreds of agencies across the country. Now, the Boston Marathon has turned to the tool to support multi-agency collaboration during one of the most high-profile events in the country.

More than 30,000 runners participated in the event, with tens of thousands of spectators lining the route. Security at the event has been elevated since a terrorist attack involving the detonation of multiple explosives occurred in 2013. Massachusetts State Police deployed Rhodium to facilitate near real-time communication and tactical awareness between emergency management command posts, tactical dispatch, teams on the ground and representatives from federal and local law enforcement.

When an actionable intelligence item was identified, it was placed in Rhodium’s map-based interface allowing for all users to see how items related to each other and the event geography. This enhanced dispatch abilities and provided a way to instantly track the status of each item across multiple command centers.

Days earlier, Rhodium was utilized by the Olathe Fire Department in support of the Garmin Marathon in Johnson County, Kansas. While Rhodium once again provided public safety teams with a comprehensive operating picture of the event, officials also utilized the platform’s ability to integrate with other devices. Notably, managers were able to track bicycle-mounted EMS personnel by downloading the new Rhodium Mobile application on their phones. The platform was then able to monitor their locations in real time by tracking their devices.

“All the input we’ve received about Rhodium has been positive,” said Olathe Fire Chief Jeff DeGraffenreid. “It was reliable, user friendly, and a tool for which we can see a number of applications.”

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