K-12 School Districts and Higher Education Campuses

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The Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite provides an extremely effective preparedness and response solution for school districts and campuses. Create pre-plans for all facilities, improve management of special events, and be confident that you’ll have the information and tools to respond to any type of incident.

Challenge Rhodium Solution
Collecting pre-plan data for facilities Whether it’s a university campus or a school district, Rhodium provides a platform to collect and manage critical building information and other pre-plan data for facilities. This data can be stored in a central database and is ready for use the moment a need arises.
Integrate response with local organizations If an incident occurs, Rhodium makes it easy to quickly share pre-plan and the most up-to-date resource information with other responders such as local fire, police, and EMS organizations.
Communicate emergencies with school communities Connect existing social media channels for a university or school district to Rhodium. Provide information to students, staff, and parents directly from the Rhodium Suite by integrating mass distribution systmes

That’s just the beginning. Schedule a demo to learn all the ways Rhodium can help you.

“I have begun using Rhodium to conduct all collaborative planning for all major events. The ability to bring in Commanders and Team Leaders, allow them to open their individual Incident Command forms while working at stations in a central command post is invaluable."

Sergeant Scott Barnwell, University of Texas at Houston Police

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