Stadium Safety

Rhodium provides a complete command and control solution allowing you to quickly consolidate information, coordinate assets, and act. Whether you are preparing for college football season or getting ready to host the Super Bowl, our platform of tools can help.

Scales to any event size or type
Create and distribute Event Action Plans
Track and assign vehicles and personnel

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It unites all the essential tools agencies need for event planning and incident response.

Know the plan.

  • Pre-incident plans can be easily prepared for a variety of contingencies.
  • Create and distribute Event Action Plans.
  • Share the plan with other stakeholders.

Run the play.

  • Know were your people are and what they are assigned to be doing.
  • Complete checklists.
  • Reference the Event Action Plan and other materials.

Watch the tape.

  • Store completed events as archives.
  • Produce data rich reports for after action reviews.
  • Apply lessons learned to the plan for next time.

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It would be extremely difficult to manage this workflow on paper. We had a large committee working on this effort and so the ability to consolidate information into one system and push out updates to everyone when needed was very helpful.”

-Captain Matt Mills, University of Arkansas Police Department

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