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From daily use to large-scale incidents, major events, and table top exercises, responders and incident commanders are putting Rhodium to work in the field, and coming back to us with success stories.

See how Rhodium addressed specific agency needs in our Case Studies.

Texas Tornado Outbreak

“Getting accurate maps, staging crews as they arrive, and sharing all that information with multiple agencies are some of the main challenges of large-scale disaster response. Rhodium Suite allowed us to do all of that nearly effortlessly."

Chief Rodney Smith, Johnson County Emergency Services District

Black Forest Wildfire - Colorado

“We set up my tablet on the fly to show mapping of the area and capture critical information related to the fire ground such as plotting where fire activity was, and the location of dozer and hand lines. We also began tracking where our unit assets were located so that they could be easily found and tracked on the tablet. Seeing how data could be captured and shared quickly proved the absolute worth of Rhodium Suite."

Chief Vinny Burns, Donald Wescott Fire Protection District

Super Storm Sandy

"Poland Fire Rescue utilized the Rhodium Incident Management Suite during storm coverage for Hurricane Sandy. We used Rhodium Suite to pin point down power lines, trees, and road closures. All of this information was logged from the fire station and view- able in real-time by our dispatch and units on the road. The time-stamped log that was generated will aid in completing our FEMA paperwork and will simplify our post-incident reporting process."

Lt. Lee O'Connor, Poland Fire RescueSome incidents and events utilizing Rhodium include:


Special Events

  • 2020 COVID-19
  • 2019 Dallas Tornado
  • 2018 Hurricane Florence
  • 2017 Hurricanes Irma and Harvey
  • 2016 Hurricane Matthew
  • 2016 Winter Storm Jonas - East Coast Blizzard
  • 2015 Garland EF4 Tornado - Texas
  • 2015 East Coast Flooding - Hurricane Jacqueline
  • 2015 Charleston Church Shooting
  • 2015 Texas Flooding in Houston, Wimberely, and Coppell
  • 2014 Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement (60+ agencies)
  • Boston Marathon
  • Cooper River Bridge Run (3rd Largest 10k in the U.S.)
  • Garmin Marathon
  • Super Bowl LII
  • Super Bowl LI
  • Myrtle Beach Bike Week
  • Walmart Share Holders Convention
  • 2018 Formula 1 Grand Prix - Abu Dhabi
  • 2017 Great American Eclipse
  • 2017 Quicken Loans National - PGA Tour
  • 2017 Presidential Inauguration
  • 2016 Presidential Debate at Washington University
  • 2016 Big X Training - Dallas Fort Worth Region
  • 2015 World Special Olympics - Los Angeles

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Fire Department

“I’ve been in the fire service for twenty years, and this is the best piece of software I’ve seen. I love the way this system is laid out and operates.”

Captain Bengie Howard, Somerset Fire Department

"I would like to personally thank you for traveling to our department and offering us a very valuable two day training on the Rhodium Suite program. Our department's primary focus with Rhodium is to improve our pre-plans so when we have an incident all we have to do is pull up the information from the pre-plans and we have all the pertinent information at our fingertips. Rhodium is a very helpful tool in our industry whether it’s a small or large department. Thanks again for your customer service and I look forward to all the new things that come with Rhodium."

Assistant Chief Matt Birdsley, Lake Ozark Fire District

"Our department received Rhodium in April for our iPads. After the initial set up by our fire chief, I was able with only limited training to use the program on a structure fire that same day. Tracking resources and task assignments was very easy, even while creating custom task names during the incident. Rhodium is expandable and can be used on small incidents as well as very large multi agency incidents. It is compatible with multiple users working on the same command board from different locations. This is the easiest fire ground command application I have used."

Scott Richards, Shift Commander, Ardmore Fire Department

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Law Enforcement / SWAT Team

“Rhodium has allowed us to manage events with only a fraction of the people we normally use without missing a beat. We didn’t require much training upfront. Rhodium is rather self explanatory. The product is excellent and the Rhodium team is always looking for feedback and suggestions on how to make their product better. We looked at several options but no one came close to what Rhodium was offering.”

Detective Fred Garcia, Plano Police Department

Incident Management Team

“I have had the opportunity to utilize a variety of tools in the management of countless incidents; everything from simple hazardous materials releases to Type I wildfires and national disasters. The Rhodium Incident Management Suite is the single best tool that I have yet to use. As a Planning Section Chief I take situational awareness and resource tracking very seriously. IRT has created a unique product that I believe any incident management team member will recognize as a major leap forward.

The program is extremely robust and versatile, all while being user friendly. The folks at IRT are constantly enhancing the system with new features based on user input. The beauty of the system is in the scalability and ability to load your data on the front end. If you are experienced in incident management you will find Rhodium Suite to be incredibly useful in both planning and operations. The Enhanced ICS form module is the most useful and impressive tool I have yet to use in the production an distribution of an Incident Action Plan.”

Jim Babylon, Plans Section Chief, Lead ICS Instructor

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Campus Police / Security

“I have begun using Rhodium to conduct all collaborative planning for all major events. The ability to bring in Commanders and Team Leaders, allow them to open their individual Incident Command forms while working at stations in a central command post is invaluable. Rhodium eICS software allows for real time planning across multiple ICS 201 and 204 forms. The ability of the Incident Commander to give clear commander intent and immediately begin to get clarification regarding individual team leader assignments is a huge efficiency increase from the traditional hand written or simple typed form planning. The fact that Section Chiefs and Team Leaders can develop their work assignments and teams, type the information once and have it saved immediately to the same IAP almost instantly will allow those leaders more time to effectively coordinate their teams and the response, and a lot less time spent saving documents, sending e-mails and tracking down the latest version of the IAP.”

Sergeant Scott Barnwell, University of Texas Houston PD

All-Hazards Response

"Rhodium Suite has been the best investment we have made in a long time. As a fire district that handles more disaster related responses including flooding, wind storms, blizzards, and hazardous materials rather than just structural fires; Rhodium Suite has allowed our district to effectively prepare, plan and respond to any kind of disaster or hazardous materials incident within our 70 square mile district. Rhodium Suite's outstanding training and support has helped us tremendously in coordination with other emergency response agencies."

Chief Joseph Tavano Jr., Galen-Clyde Fire District

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"I would like to mention how impressed I was when I received emails from your group offering support on a weekend we were expecting a major flooding event - and that the emails were totally unsolicited! I’m really impressed with your organization - and I’ll promote it locally whenever I can."

Assistant Chief of Police Frank McElligot, City of Corinth Police Department

"We have been extremely pleased with the program. It has exceeded our expectations, and your support and customer service are second to none!"

Asst. Chief Mike Smith, Lititz Fire Company

"I saw this new software, as well as their new digital command board at FDIC, and they were amazing. They worked flawlessly, but don't take my word for it; sign up to check out the free online demo..."

Bob Vaccaro, Firefighter Nation Contributor

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