Special Event Incident Management

Special events often require coordination between multiple agencies. Rhodium can streamline your planning and management processes while enhancing situational awareness.

Special event incident management scales to any event type and size (Local to Type 3)
Pre-fill data, develop IAPs on the fly
Easily share critical information, and roll-over incident action plans

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RhodiumSE is the premier solution for special event incident management.

It unites all the essential tools agencies need for event planning and incident response. RhodiumSE is safety through a single pane of glass.

RhodiumSE Capabilities

  • Pre-fills data to save agencies time
  • Built-in archiving and after actions
  • Generates easily updated IAPs to streamline planning for future events
  • Distributes forms, updates, and critical information to other agencies
  • Layered mapping features allow for real-time adding and tracking of personnel and resources across event area
  • Cloud-based solution that runs on computers, tablets, and smartphones

RhodiumSE Benefits

  • Time Management: Substantially reduce time requirements for data entry and coordinating information and resources. Customers report time savings of 50% or more with RhodiumSE.
  • Streamlined Communication: Ensure coordinating agencies receive the latest information, all at once, in an easy-to-access digital document.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive layout requires little to no technical support and minimal training.

“Rhodium has allowed us to manage events with only a fraction of the people we normally use without missing a beat. We didn’t require much training upfront. Rhodium is rather self-explanatory. The product is excellent and the Rhodium team is always looking for feedback and suggestions on how to make their product better. We looked at several options but no one came close to what Rhodium was offering.”

Detective Fred Garcia, Plano Police Department

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